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Brand Photography for Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs

These ain't ya mama's headshots. These are powerful storytelling visuals suited to help you sell more, and to the right people.

With my background in design and marketing, I approach brand photography like a strategist,
not just a photographer.

Set yourself apart with creative and strategic brand photos and videos tailored to your specific goals.

This experience is a deep dive into the unique identity of your brand. Your gallery will be full of images that show your personality and give actual vibes of what it feels like to work with you. You'll be setting visual trends in your industry in no time!

You don't need just another photo of you on your laptop. You need a photo showcasing your personality, your preferred surroundings, your story. You deserve visual content that is uniquely YOU!

Utilize our free discovery "brain dump" call where we will talk things out and really pinpoint the details needed to tell your story and attract your target clients. 


YOU NEED TO BOOK THEM ASAP! I cannot even explain how above and beyond Jessi went for my branding photoshoot. She brought her A game and made me feel so comfortable. I am so happy and proud of how the vision came to life with Jessi. If you questioning it just STOP and hire her now.

Michelle Hamlin

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Personalized branding photo & video content for stories meant to sparkle.

Branding Photo/VIDEO experience starts at $599

First impressions are everything. You ARE your brand, so let’s show ‘em who you are and never let ‘em forget!

Are you: Laid back and dreamy? Sharply focused on your product? Love to dance? Your clients want to know you, and a branding photography session with me will bring out the best of you!

You are one-of-a-kind babe, and that's a GOOD thing! Now let’s put it to work!

Because I photograph with marketing design in mind, these images can be used to create content, communicate your values, refresh your website, and rocket your social media presence to new heights! I know you will want to use them EVERYWHERE!

Wait. Are you nervous?! GOOD! It’s okay to be nervous! It's just proof that you are fully invested in the next chapter. This is a big step forward, but you deserve this!

We will begin with a pre-shoot questionnaire that allows me to prepare for your session and bring out your true personality.

Our time together will be loud, fun, comfortable, creative, and flat out amazing. I promise.

You'll walk away with expertly hand-edited images/videos, with usage rights and an online gallery. 

No wasting time "picking" your top images around here. YAS GIRL. You get the FULL gallery.

These days, its harder and harder to stand out. You need brand photos that are unique, fun, confident and impactful. You don't need to tell the world your every move, but you do need to share at least a glimpse into who you are and what purpose you're serving.  Consistency in your brand builds trust and clarity. You want your potential clients thinking "Damn! I just need to work with them." Don't give them room for doubt!

no one is you and that is your


She has a great energy! I literally tried narrowing down my "favorite" pictures from my branding photoshoot and landed about 150, lol. I can't recommend her much passion, fun and good vibe energy that I want in my life and reflected in my photos!


She is so empowering, helps you get comfortable and silly to bring out the most naturally captured moments.

Wow! Jessi BRINGS it!

"Jessi did my branding photos (which can be super awkward hahaha!) but


she made me feel so comfortable during the whole process

I had so much fun and I left those pictures feeling so HAPPY! She’s basically the best."

who can not only share the 'what' to do, but who also gives you the skills, guidance and perhaps most importantly the confidence to do it. That's Jessi! A terrific partner who will push you to be the best you can be in building your own or your business brand. I would definitely recommend Jessi to anyone looking to take a next step towards growth, she is fantastic at what she does."


"We all need that one person in our corner

Jessi is so much more than a brand photographer.

She is an amazing business partner, cheerleader, and resource for all things brand-related.


and that is a testament to how amazing my experience was with Jessi! I was truly happy, comfortable, and relaxed.

Taking brand photos can be stressful, but Jessi made me feel right at home and made it FUN. We incorporated fun props, did a variety of poses, and the result is a beautiful gallery of photos that are authentic to both me and my brand. My friend was recently looking through my new photo gallery and she told me 


Woman Smashing Scale with Large Object
Smiling Woman Drinking Coffee and Typing on Computer
Woman Leaning Over Laughing
Two Women Smiling and Looking at a Laptop
Woman Placing Decorative Pillows on Grey Chair
Duck Bath Toy on Top of Towls


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