I'm your one-stop visual content specialist, helping you grow your biz with kick-ass photos, design and business marketing strategy.


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I'm your one-stop visual content specialist, helping you grow your biz with kick-ass photos, design and business marketing strategy.

Let's bring your brand vision to life.

Overwhelmed with ideas and content but totally lost on what to do with it? Let’s chat! I offer 1:1 Creative Strategy coaching calls to help guide you from brain dump through creative execution!



Utilize killer marketing graphics to stop your viewers in their tracks and templates to simplify your own workload. Need a new logo? A new website? Monthly newsletter designed each month? I’ve got you!



First impressions are everything. You ARE your brand, so let’s show ‘em who you are and never let ‘em forget! You are one-of-a-kind babe, so let’s work together to bring that vision to life!



Here's how we can turn your dreams into reality, together.

12 years later, I'm on a new adventure, taking my 12 years of creative empire entrepreneurship and spilling my knowledge and secrets into helping you grow yours.

Isn’t it funny how time can change a person?

Once upon a time, weddings were quite literally my life. I ate, breathed and slept weddings. I shot them…I edited them…I designed and printed luxury invitations for them…I quite frankly helped plan them too! 

Don't fear change...

Hey, I'm Jessi. 

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trusted by and growing with:

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When it comes to custom gear, Jess brings that HEAT! She helps elevate your designs and delivers high quality products. From small accessories to full clothing fits we are always beyond satisfied with our orders. Her talent has help our business grow and our brand now ships all over the US.

Jessi makes you level up! From your brand, business, and ideas Jessi brings out your A game. She is creative, hard working, and really understands her clients. Our photo shoots are well thought out, planned and executed better then I could ever imagine! She is a business owners secret weapon, I couldn’t imagine not having her on our team. 

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What started as a meeting to get to know her and see if we were a good fit ended three hours later after great conversation and feeling so inspired. We completely hit it off and it felt like she just got me and understood what I needed in my business. I hired her that day and haven't looked back. She completely rebranded my business and designed my website for me. When I received my final branding I literally cried because it captures me and my business so perfectly. I will continue to work with her in 2022 and can't wait to see what magic we can create together! 

Jessi is honestly the best decision I made for my business this year. She is an incredible entrepreneur with so much business knowledge that she has added so much value to my business. I can't begin to thank her for giving me some time back with my family!

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Jessi designed my logo, orchestrated a photo shoot for website and social media content, and then built me the most powerful and beautiful website I’ve ever seen. I honestly cannot say enough good things about her - to all of the small business owners out there, let Jessi do it right, she’s worth her weight in pure gold.

Jessi is nothing short of magic. She is able to take - all of my abstract business ideas, scribbled notes, late emails and early text messages- and transform them into everything that I ever wanted to market my business.

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I hired her for a set amount of work hours, and she was great at keeping track of her hours. From initial intake questionnaire, strategy face time sessions, crash course in Canva, vision boards, and multiple rounds of editing to evoke my brand identity, Jessi was always patient and supportive. She always reassured me that this is all part of the process in bringing my vision to life. I highly recommend Jessi and her suite of branding services. You can rest assured that she will be just as passionate and invested in your creative projects as you are! Jessi is incredibly talented, personable, and able to execute any creative project! 

I hired Jessi to help create my brand identity, and my business logo. Throughout the duration of our work together, she was always so encouraging and positive, her energy is contagious and exactly what you need to help jump start a creative project!

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I love love love Jessi and This Way To Fabulous. Personally, her magnetic attitude is contagious and she will instantly become your friend. I highly recommend Jessi!

From my professional experiences, she’s a true thought partner, a visionary, and is just oh so fabulous (no pun intended). 

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Redefining Fabulous

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Together, we can redefine fabulous. 

I’m your host Jessi, a millennial business owner, boy mom, and creative genius helping women bring their brand dreams to life with kick ass photography, design + marketing strategy. After 10 years of building numerous creative brands from the ground up, I’m ready to get real about what actually goes on behind the scenes of building your very own empire.
If you’re a female entrepreneur who has ever felt like a total failure or even a frequent flyer of imposter syndrome, this podcast is for you. We don’t take our time around here, we are deep diving right into growing a strategic mindset in business, life and relationships. 

Here you’ll find actionable tips to help shatter the social burden society has created and help you create and navigate your own version of success.

Society has created such a burden on how we look at life, so here you’ll find actionable tips to creating and navigating a version of success that works, FOR YOU.

Failure opened a new mindset for me and I want that for you too. I’m here to help you find your inner badass, so ladies, get out of your own way and let’s make some freakin’ magic.

We all know LIFE doesn’t always turn out the way we dream it and I spent YEARS sweeping things under the rug…my fears, my disappointments, and even my success… But I’m done hiding…and ready to talk about it.

Are you ready for some #realtalk?

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Redefining Fabulous