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Let's take you from zero to hero 


We don't waste our time
(or yours) creating things just for the hell of it.

ain't nobody got time for that.

You don't need just another photo of you on your laptop. You need a photo showcasing your personality, your preferred surroundings, your story. You deserve visual content that is uniquely YOU!

Utilize our free discovery "brain dump" call where we will talk things out and really pinpoint the details needed to tell your story and attract your target clients. 

Below, you will find my menu of services. As you will see, each piece works hand in hand with the next. I’ve completely redeveloped the storytelling philosophy that I’ve used for years to photograph and design spectacular albums for my wedding clients into telling the story of YOU! 

Brand Photography + Video

First impressions are everything. You ARE your brand, so let’s show ‘em who you are and never let ‘em forget!

Are you: Laid back and dreamy? Sharply focused on your product? Love to dance? Your clients want to know you, and a branding photography session with me will bring out the best of you!

You are one-of-a-kind babe, and that's a GOOD thing! Now let’s put it to work!

Because I photograph with marketing design in mind, these images can be used to create content, communicate your values, refresh your website, and rocket your social media presence to new heights! I know you will want to use them EVERYWHERE!

Wait. Are you nervous?! GOOD! It’s okay to be nervous! It's just proof that you are fully invested in the next chapter. This is a big step forward, but you deserve this!

We will begin with a pre-shoot questionnaire that allows me to prepare for your session and bring out your true personality.

Our time together will be loud, fun, comfortable, creative, and flat out amazing. I promise.

You'll walk away with expertly hand-edited images/videos, with usage rights and an online gallery. 

No wasting time "picking" your top images around here. YAS GIRL. You get the FULL gallery.

Branding Photo/VIDEO experience starts at $899

Brand Design + Strategy

You have the idea. You’re laying out a plan. You're ready to run with it so babe, LET'S RUN WITH IT!

Whether your branding needs a little sprucing up or you’re ready for the whole shebang, you’ve come to the right place! My modern and approachable designs will help you create a consistent brand that shows the world just how awesome you are while attracting all the right clients!

Is this overwhelming? YES! But We're here to help you get this monster under control!

So, what's next?

Upon booking, you'll be entered into our expertly curated workflow, to guide you through our entire process.

You'll receive a questionnaire that will help me guide you through the discovery phase. Figuring out your target client and market is just the beginning to building an effective brand.

Once we develop your overall brand strategy, we'll get into the fun!

You'll receive up to 3 rounds of logo revisions

You'll walk away with a full branding guidelines worksheet, complete with your logo, submarks, color codes, typography and inspiration images!

And once I’ve done the work, I won’t leave you hanging. I strongly believe that you deserve the tools to be successful on your own, and I will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to use the industry’s best apps and programs! 

Branding experience starts at $1499

Web Design + Development

We don't just build websites; we engineer virtual masterpieces that transcend screens and inspire action.

We're the magical place where creativity meets functionality in pixel-perfect harmony. We're the architects of digital dreams, crafting websites that are visually stunning and user-friendly. 

experience a design journey that's anything but 'cookie-cutter' – more like 'cookie-dough' with a sprinkle of innovation and a rainbow glitter dash of delight!

Our 'waiting room experience' is the icing on the cake. The cherry on top. We'll walk you thru a step-by-step journey specially designed to help gather everything we need for a successful project, before we even officially "begin"! It breaks down the pieces into bite-size elements and is created to help avoid the yucky overwhelm.

Okay, okay.
Tell me more!

Interactive "Waiting Room" breaking prep down into weekly assignments to guide you through gathering your content

5 Core Pages in either Showit or Squarespace platform

Complete design and site testing for both desktop + mobile responsiveness

Full service launch - Domain Pointing + HTTPS Certificate Request

Live 1:1 Launch Call including a site management walkthrough, recorded and sent to you for easy reference

7+ days of extended support after project completion to help answer questions and guide you through the platform backend

Web experiences range from $5999 to $9999

Copywriting + Brand Voice

Our copywriting + brand voice stratgey services are like a sparkling rainbow blend of creativity, caffeine, and cleverness.

We're the word wizards you never knew you needed! We sprinkle our linguistic magic on your brand, transforming dull text into a vibrant tapestry of words that tickle funny bones, pique curiosity, and create an insatiable desire for more. Whether you need catchy emails, a whimsical blog post, or a total website revamp, we're there.

we've got the charm and wit to make your brand shine like a disco ball at a unicorn party.

We'll infuse your brand's personality with a splash of humor, a dash of sass, and a sprinkle of quirkiness, creating a contagious energy that gets people talking, sharing, and laughing. Get ready to turn up the volume on your brand's voice and make some noise in the marketplace!

We totally promise to...

Help you find and hone in on your unique Brand Voice

Amplify the shit out of said Brand Voice

Carefully craft Website Copy and Blog Posts with special sauce that speaks to the right audience

Develop strategic Email and Social Media Campaigns that leave readers with FOMO so bad they won't know what hit them.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the fast-paced and highly competitive digital landscape, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for creative brands looking to establish a strong online presence. 

SEO plays a vital role in helping creative brands unlock their full potential in the digital world. By enhancing discoverability, driving targeted traffic, amplifying brand authority, fostering growth opportunities, and maximizing online visibility, SEO empowers creative brands to showcase their talents, connect with their audience, and thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

We believe in the power of creativity and ingenuity, and our SEO service totally embodies this philosophy.

So, why SEO is important for you?

Amplifying Brand Authority: Effective SEO strategies contribute to building your brand's authority and credibility.

Fostering Growth Opportunities: SEO provides creative brands with valuable data and insights about their target audience's search behavior, preferences, and trends. 

Maximizing Online Visibility: In an increasingly crowded digital space, it's crucial for creative brands to stand out and gain visibility.

Driving Targeted Traffic: SEO helps creative brands attract relevant and targeted traffic to their websites. 

Enhancing Discoverability: Creative brands often have unique and compelling content that deserves to be discovered by a wider audience.

Basic SEO Setups start at $599

Social Media Management

Unlock the power of online influence with our social media management service, where we handle the pixels while you soak up the spotlight.

Our mission? To take your social presence from ordinary to extraordinary, capturing attention, igniting conversations, and forging meaningful connections with your audience. We're the magicians behind the screen, conjuring up captivating content that stops thumbs mid-scroll and elicits those coveted double-taps.

In this fast-paced digital universe, we're the trusted navigators.

Our strategic minds delve into the depths of your brand's essence, understanding your goals, and unraveling the intricacies of your target audience. Armed with this knowledge, we curate a bespoke social media strategy tailored to your unique identity, leveraging trends, insights, and a touch of digital wizardry to propel your brand into the spotlight.

Weekly posts (qty determined by package) with professionally designed graphics and caption copywriting tailored to your needs

Custom hashtag strategy

One round of revisions 

Full social scheduling for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

Monthly content planning meeting with your Social Strategist

But what do I actually get?

Social Media Management starts at $999

CRM Setup + System Automations

If you're ready to grow by implementing sustainability, scalability and systems in their business, you're in the right place.

You have good intentions of working on business projects, but somehow they always get bumped from your calendar because something is broken and needs your attention. You’re exhausted from putting out these fires and feel like you’re not moving the needle forward on future initiatives.

We can show you how to automate those mundane tasks that *yawn* don’t light you up so you can spend more time in your zone of genius. We'll help you develop a sustainable business strategy that feels authentic to you and your brand.

Overwhelmed with your current workload which leads to turning away new opportunities 

Frustrated that you’re spending more time fixing old things than building new things

Like a broken record because you’re having to do so much repetitive work

So stuck in the day-to-day you have lost sight of the future of your business

Spending more time putting out fires than enjoying some dang s’mores 

A game changer if you're feeling...


System + Automations VIP Days start at $1099

Marketing + Business Coaching

In this thing called #smallbizlife, I’ve experienced my fair share of moments when I needed a business bestie to guide me through the tough times. Imposter syndrome was always knocking on my door. But I was fortunate. Those business besties were there for me!

Do you need someone to talk to? Someone who really gets it? Someone to tell you that you really aren’t crazy?

As I started to build my business and expanded my knowledge, I knew that it was time for me to be a business bestie to other women. I can help you through the tough times. I can help you get back on track when you just don’t know which way to go. I can help you achieve the business dreams that you’ve only just begun to dream.

So how does it work?

Standard coaching calls with me are 45 minutes long, scheduled at your convenience, right on this site!

You’ll get an experienced ear to reassure you while gently pushing you to dive deep inside for solutions. 

Together we will remove roadblocks and bottlenecks, bounce ideas, and create a plan for reaching and then SMASHING your goals!

Not sure what to do with all of that awesome content we created in your Branding Photography session? This is the perfect way to build a strategy!

1:1 Coaching starts at $279 per session

Say goodbye to Imposter Syndrome

Say hello to the power of visual content

Say goodbye to being constantly overwhelmed

Say hello to the confidence to run your business

Together we can:

Don’t let fear hold you back. You deserve amazing photos and design for your business! You and your business are worth it!

What if this creative process fundamentally transforms your business?

But girl, what if you SUCCEED?

I know it’s scary… what if you fail?

It’s time for you to take the next steps to grow your business.  Have you been putting it off?


// The Evolving Mama

helps you get comfortable and silly to bring out the most naturally captured moments. She has a great energy! I literally tried narrowing down my "favorite" pictures from my branding photoshoot and landed about 150, lol. I can't recommend her much passion, fun and good vibe energy that I want in my life and reflected in my photos!

"Wow! Jessi BRINGS it! She is so empowering, 


// Shelter inc.

and is just oh so fabulous (no pun intended). I love love love Jessi and This Way To Fabulous. Personally, I find her magnetic attitude is contagious and she will instantly become your friend. I highly recommend Jessi!

"Jessi is a Visionary. A true thought partner,


// handled by hamlin events

I cannot even explain how above and beyond Jessi went for my branding photoshoot. She brought her A game and made me feel so comfortable. I am so happy and proud of how the vision came to life with Jessi. If you questioning it just STOP and hire her now.

"You need to book them ASAP!


// powherhouse fitness studio

Jessi makes you level up! From your brand, business, and ideas Jessi brings out your A game. She is creative, hard working, and really understands her clients. Our photo shoots are well thought out, planned and executed better then I could ever imagine! 

"She is a business owners secret weapon, I couldn’t imagine not having her on our team. 

I've spent more than 10 years building numerous creative brands from the ground up, and I'm incredibly passionate about using my own experiences of wins and losses to pay it forward to women growing their dreams today.

After 4 years of playing collegiate volleyball and earning my bachelors degree in Graphic Design, I left Connecticut confident that I never wanted to work in a firm setting. I followed that dream and started my very first company less than a year after graduation. After booking more than 90 clients my first year, my serial entrepreneurship life began.

I'm a millennial business owner, boy mom, and creative genius helping women bring their business dreams to life with kick ass photography, design + marketing strategy.

A self-proclaimed "Visual Content Strategist" because truly, I can help you handle so many aspects of your business content.

Hi, I'm Jessi!

Complimentary Discovery Call, to the rescue!

If you answered yes, you're in good company with about 90% of other business owners. It's okay and totally normal.

Am I right?

You're feeling totally overwhelmed...


welcome to